The Product

The future of fax

atFAX eliminates the need for organisations to invest in, manage and administer fax, integrating with your email so you only have to manage one system.

atFAX allows you to send fax from your multifunction printer and email without the need for fax devices or fax lines.

Faxes are received into email as standard however if you wish to automatically print faxes you can do that to.

Faxes may also be received into email, stored and printed simultaneously.

Better still can you can send and receive up to five concurrent faxes per line.

atFAX eliminates your fax infrastructure. No analogue line, no analogue telephone adapter (ATA) and cabling costs and no administration overhead.

If you need to move your multifunction printer there is no need to install new cabling and telephone sockets.

With digital lines (ISDN) making way for VoIP telephony atFAX is the perfect solution. There is not need for you to accomodate fax and no reliability concerns.

atFAX is leading edge, new age fax technology. Its easy to use and packed full of features not found on traditional fax hardware.

atFAX integrates with the worlds leading multifunction printer brands such as Sharp, Canon, Fuji Xerox and Konica Minolta.

  • Fax from Email and Multifunction Device
  • Receive Fax From Email and Multifunction Device or Printer
  • Send and Receive Faxes to and from Smart Mobile Device
  • Supports PDF, Tiff, JPEG and Postscript
  • Transmission Confirmation
  • No Fax Line or Fax Machines Required
  • No more Fax Administration
  • Improved Functionality
  • More Convenient